The complexity of projects make them one of the biggest challenges in any aspect of construction however, here at Icarus we implement the right processes from the beginning to give our clients peace of mind and confidence.

We use a tailored approach to our client needs and work closely in order to achieve the highest results.

  • Core project management services we can provide are:
  • Project design and development
  • Construction planning
  • Site appraisal, site investigations and surveys
  • Selection and appointment of Consultants
  • Feasibility study, Cost Plan and Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Estimation
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Liaise with third parties
  • Arrange applications for consents and licenses
  • Implementation of control procedures for costs, time and quality
  • Selection and appointment of contractors
  • Risk identification and management
  • Prepare project, progress and financial reports
  • Administer the building contract
  • Implement emergency call out procedures

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